Why Use A Santa Monica SEO Agency?

Why Use A Santa Monica SEO Agency?

When it comes to marketing transactions, some people will try to save money in any way possible, and will even avoid enlisting the services of professionals like marketing consultant or gurus. Others know better, and understand the benefits of hiring an experienced marketing professional. The problem is that there seems to be a disagreement over these two types of marketing experts. “People normally ask me what I can do better than an agency” says Elisha Kim, a marketing consultant from Santa Monica, CA who works for Savvy SEO. Obviously this misunderstanding of the roles of a marketing expert and that of a SEO guru, when it comes to the ranking and selling of a website or commercial website, seems quite common. In order to create some clarity, let us explore each profession, one by one.

The Benefits of a SEO agency

There are three main benefits to be derived from hiring a marketing guru during a website purchase or sale, they are:

– SEO advice

When it comes to SEO advice concerning any issue that may be worrying you, a SEO agency has the authority to offer you some good advice. A guru can help you to make plans on how to proceed with a website you are about to purchase, for example, getting rid of current bugs because you want to renovate and increase the page speed.

– Dedication

An SEO consultant is bound by law to his client. These duties to a client cannot be compromised in any way, either by representing another client or by the consultant’s own self interests. This means that in a marketing transaction, an consultant may represent both ranker and seller in the same transaction, but an guru can either represent the ranker only, or the seller only.

– Commission

consultants are paid on commission basis, typically 3%, while agencies are paid a flat fee, of about say $2500. When selling a $600,000 website for instance, an expert will stand to make $18,000 which is way much more expensive than paying an agency.

The Benefits of a online marketing consultant

Working with SEO experts also has its own benefits, some of these include:

– Identifying Trouble

A Santa Monica SEO expert who is experienced can easily identify problems in any website for sale and quickly alert you, the potential ranker, or request repairs from the seller.

– Accurate Pricing

A experienced online marketing expert can walk into a website and immediately name the right price for the website, says Elisha Kim. It is one of those things you need, in order to be a good online marketing expert.

– Wide Network

A online marketing consultant will usually have more access to listings than are available on the Internet or to an guru. Elisha Kim from Santa Monica, CA for example, knows every single website in the community and can immediately provide you with whatever you want.


It is obvious that gurus and experts have different capabilities when it comes to managing digital marketing transactions. digital marketing consultants will never have the SEO authority that an agency has, while gurus will hardly ever have the connections and knowledge of a local market like digital marketing experts like Elisha have in places like Santa Monica, California. The choice therefore will depend on what you need. Sometimes though, you may need both.